Rev. Fr. Solomon A. Jardinero
Assistant Director and Finance Officer, RCAM ES Cluster 8
Finance Analyst, RCAM ES
Member, MaPSA Retirement Board

Good morning to one and all.

To our School Director, Rev. Fr. Elpidio D. Biliran Jr.; Prof. Johnny T. Amora, President of Philippine Association of Researchers and Statistical Software Users (PARSSU); Dir. Leila P. Areola, Director of Bureau of Learning Delivery, Department of Education; Dr. Cynthia Marissa A. Clemente, MD of Assumption College; Mr. Sonam Tobgye, Deputy Chief Program Officer of the Prime Minister, Royal Government of Bhutan; the representatives from REX Book Store, namely Ms. Rose Espino, Mr. Alberto Flores, Mr. John Gabrinao, and Mr. Nelson Madriaga; Mr. Rodne R. Galicha, Manager of Climate Reality Project of the Philippines; Dir. Jaimes L. Mabini, Director of Presidential Complaint Center, Office of the President, Malacañang, Manila; Dr. Kazan Benigno S. Baluyot, Chair of the Central Visayas Climate Change Movers, Philippine College of Physicians; Monsignor Manuel G. Gabriel; and Dr. Marietta D. Biliran.

This program plays an important role in nurturing our ecological values. Environmental education is particularly vital as it shapes how our younger generations care for our common home. So, I welcome all of you, as symbols for this three-day conference workshop, The Tipping Point, On Reverse? Living Out Learning Plans Within and Beyond Pre K-12 Classrooms in Asia: A Principles and Values-Centered Curriculum Integration and Capacity Building Hands-on Exercise.

I thank you all for coming together to hear your parts. This inclusive discourse arises for us to help the earth in slowing and reversing global warming. We are starting to testify to the urgent need to respond to the encyclical’s message for an ecological conversion. Your presence here in Malate Catholic School is a sign of your commitment to creating concrete steps to save the planet and the life it sustains. The encyclical’s assumption and the heart of Laudato Si’ tell us that everything is connected. All of us have an obligation to take steps to mitigate climate change, clean the lands and the seas, and start treating all of God’s creation with respect and concern. Pope Francis also wrote, “Concern for the environment thus needs to be joined to a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society.”

In the Laudato Si’, Pope Francis highlights the pledge: “There is nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions.”

It is wonderful how education can bring about real changes in lifestyle. Education in environmental responsibility can encourage ways of acting that directly and significantly affect the world around us, such as avoiding the use of plastic and paper, reducing water consumption, separating refuse, taking only what can be reasonably functional, using public transport and carpooling, switching off unnecessary lights, and being mindful of and avoiding damaging practices.

Welcome all who are gathered here today and in the next three days.