The 1st Human Resource Management and Development Summit
“Nurturing Human Capital: Mapping Resource Management in MaPSA”
by Morris Aguilar, MaPSA Secretariat

The 1st Human Resource Management and Development Summit for MaPSA HR practioners was held last January 18-19, 2019 at Function Hall A - B of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. There were more than 70 participants headed by the MaPSA Commission on Human Resource-Continuing Education Chair Dr. Anthony Venus with his able and competent core group.

Contributing to the Summit’s success was the valued partnership with St. Scholastica’s College throught her active and generous President, Sr. Ma. Christine Pinto, OSB and the very accommodating administrative personnel. There was much update, both on theory and practice coming from resource persons of note led by Dr. Noel Racho, Human Resource Director of Miriam College, who in his Keynote touched on the theme: “Nurturing Human Capital in MaPSA” and shared knowledge on the “Developing and Engaging Employee Experience: Exploring the Generations of Millennials, Gen Y and X & LGBTQs in the Workplace”.

Dr. Wynna Marie Medina, President of the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila spoke on “Exploring New Perspectives for Supporting a Work Environment That Promotes Positive Behavior”. She focused on the merits of positive employee discipline the purpose of which is not to punish employees as a formal disciplinary action but to clearly communicate how important it is for change to happen. She added that positive approaches to discipline sets up people for success.

The topic Labor Management Concerns in the Context of the Church was covered by the Minister of the Archdiocesan Ministry for Labor Concerns of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, Rev. Fr. Enrico Martin Adoviso. He touched on the importance of the Catholic school and suggested specifically to reflect on how Catholic institutions should support the lay persons they employ. He cited William Cardinal Baum who said that lay people should find an atmosphere of sincere respect and cordiality in a Catholic school where relations should be authentic.
On the second day of the Summit, Atty. Liza Rosario, Legal Counsel of the Archdiocese of Manila, spoke on “Employer-Employee Relationship: Pre and Post Employment” and shared on Sect. 3, Art. XIII, 1987 of the Philippine Constitution which states that: “The State shall afford full protection to labor, local and overseas, organized and unorganized, and promote full employment opportunities for all.”

Last of the speakers, Mr. Godofredo San Juan Jr., MBA, Human Capital Managment Consultant, presented on: “Gaining Knowledge in Human Capital Management”. He focused on the precepts of understanding human resource in an organization, human resource role in an organization, new human resource competencies and topics related to these.

In summary, Dr. Anthony Venus shared on “The Twinkles and Wrinkles of Beginning Teachers”, which he had first introduced to the faculty and personnel of the Diocese of Parañaque Parochial Schools Association. After conducting talks and interviews, he said that the administration of a formation program for promoting Catholic Culture centered on Christian values should be held for beginning teachers while responding to their needs and that coping mechanisms and strategies be considered as vital elements in on-the-job training programs to help them deal with issues and problems which they would be confronting.

The Summit culminated with the awarding of Certificates of Attendance to the participants. The usual photo session followed.


Speakers' presentation available for download at the Resources page under the 2018 MaPSA HR Summit tab