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title WE ARE...a Grand Concert! WE ARE...a Success!
author Digna T. Maglanoc date 8/28/2008

February 22, 2008 marked the date of a momentous occasion for Pasig Catholic College. It was the day wherein all PCCians gathered to celebrate what is good, beautiful and true about PCC. It was the PCC ??E ARE!??Grand Concert held at the Pasig Philsports Arena (formerly known as ULTRA). The grand concert was organized for several reasons, one of which was to culminate PCC?? 95th Founding Anniversary and another was to join force with Annual Appeal Committee to gather resources for the Scholarship Program of the school.

Pasig Catholic College has existed for quite sometime already and it is about time that all PCCians start to see what the school has been and realize what the school has, apart from all its big and small achievements. It is still noteworthy to come up with a meaningful and creative way of celebrating it. What a celebration indeed!

"WE ARE!"the President?? Challenge

Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos, the College" President, has always challenged the school to come up with fresh, out??f??he??ox ideas in doing presentations and programs and the 95th Founding Anniversary also took the challenge. It was, however, not a question of talent or what to show, for he believed that it would not be a problem. It was a challenge of how to present talents as bountiful as what PCC has to offer.

After ??ELEBRAMOS?? the initial offering of the Center for the Performing Arts (PCC?? newly established organization to hone talents towards the arts and creative performance), Msgr. Gerry was admittedly impressed by the students, their performance and their presentation. It was after this that he suggested that PCCians must have a venue to enrich these very raw but teeming talents of the students (as well as faculty and office staff).

He became even more impressed when he watched the musical play ??aserdotal: Pagtawag at Pagtugon?? The play aims to impress upon the students the vocation towards the religious life and that dreams are worth reaching for. It was an original screenplay by a former seminarian Niles Jordan Bries, and such play was presented around and within the Dioceses of Gumaca and Quezon.

"WE ARE!"The Answer to a Challenge

Another reason for holding the grand concert was that PCC would be celebrating its centenary on 2013 and this year?? founding anniversary was a suitable kick ??off towards PCC?? 100th year. Mr. Ruben Jasareno, the creative person behind the grand concert and the center?? coordinator and director gave his thought on the conception of the concert as well as his realization.  He said,  ??E ARE is a collaboration of the school?? beliefs, talents, achievements and resources. Thus, synergy is established while excellence is expressed through different performing art disciplines.??

The grand concert started with the creative presentation of PCC?? history and early beginnings. In the performances, it was noticed that the participants did their routines and executed their dance steps as if they were telling a story.  This scenario led to another set of songs and dances showcasing what is PCC now and what it can still do. It did not only make use of songs and dances but maximized the use of the multi ??media and some effects to be able to come up with meaningful and  ??igh ??tech??presentations.

The grand concert culminated to what has become the theme song of the school. The WE ARE! song embodies PCC?? vision. The song, written and composed by Mr. Jasareno also, was already taught to the entire school community prior to the concert and was used as a community song for every institutional and departmental activity. It was observed that students, especially the grade school and the high school, sung the song with much gusto and fervor that even with eyes closed they can demonstrate the action.

The director added,  ??t was the biggest cast I had handled so far. It was close to five hundred performers and behind the scene production staff and crew. They were also composed of students, faculty, non ??teaching support personnel and some friends who supported the project as trainers, choreographers and moderators. It was like a very big family gathered together to celebrate.

Indeed, the same thoughts and feelings were shared by the participants of the concert. For them, the concert served as a family gathering, a big family gathering. It was seen that PCCians were united in achieving its goals, mission and vision. ??ndergoing the grand concert experience made me feel I am one with the entire community,??commented Mr. Joel Fajardo, a high school religious education teacher who was also one of those who sung the opening song DITO SA PCC.

The concert brought out the best talents of our teachers, office staff and students. It was a surprise for me to see our students singing and dancing and giving their all in their performances despite the pressure on their studies. It is not a waste of time but rather it is the best time to show and give the best of the best,??commented Ms. Joanne Grantoza, another faculty as she gave a piece of her mind about her participation.

It was not only on performances that participants were focused. A college student, Christopher John Parafina who served as the Production Manager of the concert had this to say, ??oining the WE ARE! Grand Concert has made me a very dynamic member of the Production Team. It made me a stronger person in terms of competence and a better individual in terms of character. That is what PCCians are made for ??Persons of Character and Competence.??Garri Miranda, a 3rd year student who belonged to the Production Team and played as one the narrators in the concert shared, ?? enjoyed working as a production staff and performing as well. Aside from gaining such memorable and fun experiences, I also gained a lot of friends.??

"WE ARE!"Grand Concert ...and More!

 It was indeed a very memorable experience not only for the participants but to the entire school community as well. Coming together for a concert like this was not only a challenge but an achievement also. Thanks to the many people who have trusted the Center for the Performing Arts, to the groups and individuals who have tirelessly offered their support and to the administrators who were always there when we needed backing up and seeing through some rough edges.  PCC WE ARE! will not only be a memory of a grand concert but it will serve as the start of something new, something more that PCC can do and can offer for the community and for the world. 

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